Danish tourists in Tokyo!

We recently had visitors from Denmark at our apartment. Besides our daily routine of playing Dominion at night, we also did a bunch of tourist activities together.

They arrived in Tokyo Monday Oct. 8th. As we also had to manage our job and school stuff, we spent time together only on the 9th, 10th and 12th. Although they only had less than a week in Tokyo, they managed to do all the most touristy stuff before heading to the Kansai area, and apparently they enjoyed it very much.

Why do Danes always sleep naked?

On 9th, Victor showed them the Imperial Palace in the morning until I met them later at Tokyo station. After that, we headed to Akihabara where we had the pleasure of going to a maid cafe and  a game center.

At the game center, it was unfortunately proven that a true Dane is better at Japanese games than a Japanized Dane.

Touch to the music!

Maid cafe which they described as “only in Japan” was apparently quite shocking for them. While they found it interesting, they also said that it was “lige over grænsen” (meaning a bit too much). We saw a few foreign visitors who were quite stunned by its… extreme cuteness. For example, as Victor experienced, they make you become a cat and say “にゃんにゃん (Nyan Nyan – Meow Meow in Japanese)” to let the maid know she has poured enough beer.

Look how cute this hedgehog our maid drew is!

To end this unique experience, we took a photo with maids. At the maid cafe, everything was special. Even the water! It wasn’t just water. It was Moe water from Moe Fountain (Moe is a Japanese term used to describe the utmost cute or adorable). And all the food and beverages were spiced as we performed a magic act with the maids by saying “萌え萌えきゅん(Moe Moe Kyun)”.

If you are interested, here’s the link to the maid cafe we went to; http://www.cafe-athome.com/

Moe Moe Kyun!

In the evening, we went to see the Tokyo tower to chill after this exciting day. Though we have seen it many times, it still IS quite beautiful in the dark.

Looks like it’s saying “How dare you build the Skytree!”

On 10th, we were in the Shibuya and Shinjuku area. We of course saw the unique street, Takeshitadori, where we met a Norwegian woman working at a shop. You really will be surprised to see how many Danes and their fellow Scandinavians are in Tokyo. If you are Scandinavian, you won’t feel alone at least.

No, it doesn’t taste any different from normal cotton candy. But it IS cuter.
Again… It’s CUUUTE!








We also took a Purikura. Anyone feeling ugly? No problem. Purikura can make your skin glow, your eyes bigger, your legs longer and your face skinnier. You can adjust pretty much everything as you want.

And it makes you look pretty much like a cute alien

After dinner, we sang Karaoke because this is the must-do in Japan. Because they had enough alcohol at dinner, they were ready to go crazy.

Who said Danes are shy? Definitely not when they are drunk

On 12th, Victor took them to his Shamisen lesson . They tried Shamisen and 篠笛(Shinobue – traditional Japanese transverse flute). They liked it so much that one of them even bought a Shinobue.

Japanese flute!
Kind Makoto-san always welcomes visitors






After that, we went to 明治神宮(Meijijingu) and an 浮世絵(Ukiyoe) museum. It was quite interesting to see how Ukiyoe is made. You chisels the design on a wooden block and color it so that you can put a paper on and rub over it. And you use one wooden block for every single color! It must be super difficult to make. To be honest, I’m still wondering why they didn’t just paint the design directly on the paper.

As for meal, we had lots of Japanese food including Sushi, Tempura and etc. They really enjoyed Teppanyaki in Kabukicho. At many Teppanyaki restaurants, there is a Teppan (hot plate) and a chef cooking in front of you. It is not the cheapest food here, but they say that “Det er lækkert” (meaning it’s delicious) and that “It’s much better than having a steak in Denmark for the same price. Here, you get the course meal with a delicious steak  and performance”.

Many of our friends, mostly Danes, love Teppanyaki. So give it a try when you are here, but make sure to avoid the most touristy place.

Author: Aimu

A Japanese woman with a heart of hygge.