Disney for kids AND adults! – Magic in Tokyo Disney Sea

No matter what some Danes say, I believe that Disney is truly for both kids and adults. And our greatest recent news is that we have been to DISNEY SEA in Tokyo!

Disney gives little Victor a baby smile!

We left home at 6 in the morning to catch a bus which we unfortunately could not get in because it was full. Instead we took the first train we could, and – despite the abundance of people who were evidently eager to go to Disneyland as well – we had a painless trip and arrived 30 minutes early.  Despite of the lack of sleep, we were fully charged with adrenaline as soon as the gate opened. Victor ran like a horse to get a FASTPASS ticket to Toy Story Mania!

The FASTPASS ticketing system is a very smart and efficient system which allows excited park-goers to pick up a pass that allows them to try rides much faster every two hours. And it is completely FREE. We picked up a ticket every two hours and used this for all the popular attractions we tried except Tower of Terror which we were fortunate enough to enter before the queue grew more terrifying than the attraction itself. Thanks to this system, we did not wait more than 30 minutes for any rides. I definitely think that all amusement parks should introduce this system.

A 25 year-old boy

Surprisingly, it was Victor’s first time in Disney land. I understand that Danes are proud of their Tivoli, but still! I would go back in time and take little Victor to the Disneyland in Paris if I could. Visiting the one in Paris costs as much as visiting Tokyo Disneyland from Kobe would cost me, I think. Anyway, as he missed this special excitement in his childhood, this new experience turned Victor into”lille Vigge” (little Victor).

I would study much more efficiently on this desk

He liked how detailed the things are in Disneyland and went to great lengths to take many nice pictures, providing keen competition for the Japanese girls.

Place where lille Vigge comes back

Especially this area was Victor’s childhood dream. The theme of this area was apparently the books written by one of the authors from his childhood, Jules Verne.

Victor says “Fandme cool!” (Damn cool)

I never actually knew on what Disney movies this area is based. And to be completely honest behind Victor’s back, I don’t really know that author, but it is very cool indeed.

We are toys!

We tried almost all the attractions that day. I enjoyed all the attractions but I would say that my favorite was Toy Story Mania! Probably also because it was my first time trying it. It is basically a shooting ride in which you have to shoot cute targets with your toy gun. The targets award different points, so a target at the back might give you twice or even five times as many points as one in the front. Although I was frustrated that Victor beat me in the end, it was so much fun to be a toy and play with Woody’s friends. I could have tried it dozen more times, but the waiting time without a FASTPASS ticket was more than 3 hours and the FASTPASS tickets sold out quickly. Sooo, you can try this only one time in a day by running like a horse for the FASTPASS ticket just after the opening.

“Off with his head!”
“Poor unfortunate soooooooouls♪”
Hidden Mickey!

Cute looking food is also something you cannot miss in Disneyland. Since it was Halloween season, some food had been changed little bit for the theme. Everything is so cute in Disney land…

Yum yum

And this is how it tastes. We could sit and enjoy nice meal at a restaurant as well, but we had enough snacks before lunch and could not really eat more. Besides, we did not have time either.

Scary Naan

For dinner, we swallowed this curry in a matter of seconds just so we had a proper meal just before the night show. This halloween version curry was quite good though we had little time to actually taste it.

Grateful to see how casts are devoted in their acts despite dripping with sweats

As for shows, we do not really have many pictures. Actually none for the night show. The Halloween show featuring villains was quite entertaining and the one at night was super beautiful. There were many people, but we somehow managed to get a nice view anyway. Definitely an advantage to be a Dane so all the black-haired heads do not bother you when you are behind them.

I would trade my voice for fins.

If I were to tell everything about this fun day and share all the pictures we took, it would take forever. So before it gets too boring, I will wrap this up by saying “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”