Who we are and why we started this blog

Hello world!

This is Aimu(愛夢) and Victor from Japan.

Pleased to meet you!

We are both doing an internship here in Tokyo as a part of our Masters programmes in Denmark.

We started this blog to share our thoughts and also just to write a diary.

We are both very interested in food and culture. Especially food. Well, who doesnt like food?

As an international couple, we indulge in cultural differences and every discovery gives us a new thought which we would like to keep in mind and share in this blog. Besides, when we have some precious experiences which enrich our lives, why not record and share them? (Blogging also reminds us to take pictures which we tend to forget)

As travel lovers, we plan to take a world trip for one and half a year after our graduation in 2019. We are now making an itinerary which we also would like to share later. If you are a travel expert,  tips are very welcome!

If you like food and culture, especially Japanese and Danish, keep an eye on Nippondering.